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Why Evolution Is True

It no longer baffles me why philosophers like Elliott Sober and Michael Ruse, both professed nonbelievers, spend their time telling the faithful how they can reconcile God and evolution.  To me it seems like a complete waste of time, especially for atheists and agnostics, but Sober explains his reasons at the end of this post.  I completely disagree with them, but first let’s revisit the controversy.

Last April, Elliott, a distinguished philosopher at the University of Wisconsin, gave a talk at my university about the possibility of God-guided mutations. His thesis was that science could not rule out the possibility that some mutations had been engineered by God, and although they look random, we can’t rule out that God created a few of them in his desire to get certain forms of life—presumably us. (Note: by “random” mutations, evolutionists mean that mutations arise irrespective of whether they’d make an individual…

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  1. Lord Griggs

    How would you argue against Sober? Any dissent?
    Thales is ever right about teleonomy!

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