Thales Updated: ID fails! « Lord Griggs

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Thales Updated: ID fails! « Lord Griggs

viaThales Updated: ID fails! « Lord Griggs.

viaThales Updated: ID fails! « Lord Griggs.

viaThales Updated: ID fails! « Lord Griggs.

Thales of Miletus eviscerated ID eons ago as intelligence not required for causation. ID theorists try to find that divine intent whilst science makes progress without it.No, it’s not a matter just of policy to exclude the supernaturalistic intent but such intent contradicts instead of complemening science: metaphysics cannot trump science! So, it’s not a category mistake to find no divine intent.It would be to beg the question still to posit the supernatural to have that metaphysical intent!

That putative intent arises from the supernaturalists’ desire to find mind instead of lifeless phenomena so as to have that divine purpose for their lives. A resounding no ensues: as Jean-Paul Sartre notes, we are responsible for our projects and purposes. Divine purpose for us is such a perversion, as it implies that we are that clay that potter God has the right to do with as He pleases according to Paul that sophist. No, it shows no love!

Lamberth’s genetic argument notes that supernaturalists themselves acknowledge implicitly that they conform to naturalists analyses of why they believe due to their arguments from angst and from happiness-purpose! We then make no genetic fallacy as we also note that they provide no evidence for His very existence!

Darwin and now Dawkins reveal how natural selection that non-planning,anti-chance agency of Nature step by step forms new species and on up the line. Iy thus follows no design.Thus, William Demski fails with his irreducible complexity argument fails. The evolution of the eye illustrates that. That evolution depended on randomness in the form of mutations, where randomness means as to the needs of the organism but otherwise natural necessity as Empedocles would claim.

See what posters @ Theo-sophical Ruminations have to say! That’s an excellent Christian blog. I also recommend Evangelical Realism, Ask the Atheist, Christianity Debunked, Unreasonable Faith,Pharyngula and WEIT as excellent naturalist blogs, and Reasonable Faith and Always Have an Answer  as excellent Christian blogs. Solange/’s Posterous has a different angle.

Do post at them and at my blogs ,which one can find by Googling lamberth’s naturalistic arguments about God and morgan lamberth’s blogs. Google skeptic griggsy for my posts elsewhere at both supernaturalistic and naturalistic sites.

How do you see all this?


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