Thales -still right!

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    Thales of Miletus admonishes people not to use teleology in doing science. Science now finds him so right in that it finds no intent-no directed outcomes-no teleology behind natural causes and explanations but rather teleonomy- no wanted causes-causalism- mechanism. Therefore, intent would include divine intent, and thus not being revealed, He has no intent and therefore cannot exert himself in the Cosmos as its Primary Cause, Grand Miracle Monger and so forth, and therefore,lacking the use of intent, He lacks referents and therefore cannot exist!

Science and morality need no let there be light! He’d depend on natural laws and the inherent regularity and order of Existence to run matters rather Existence requiring Him as its director. Therefore, directed theistic-evolution is an oxymoron that obfuscates and not explain matters! Despite, William Lane Craig and Richard Swinburne,  science needs no personal explanation for a fuller explanation. God wills what He wills is such a useless tautology. God did it means naught.

As that atheist hater Plato teaches in the Euthyphro, morality is independent of Him, and I add, He’d depend on it to be moral Himself. And with Thomas Aquinas to claim that by His very nature He is good begs the question of that nature, and no definition without an empirical basis can present that. Therefore, He cannot be the Supreme Law-giver, again lacking a referent.

Too bad people did not heed him and Strato of Lampsacus  rather than heeding Aristotle!

Seeing that Supreme Spirit behind natural phenomena is just reduced animism!

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